Monday, April 6, 2009

A Different Kind of Blog

Well, another busy weekend flew by. We celebrated Palm Sunday yesterday - my favorite day of the year. My husband (the pastor) gets hundreds of palm fronds for everyone to wave as we praise God. I sang "In the Name of the Lord" and we had an illustrated sermon. Then last night we celebrated with Communion. Most importantly, by the end of the day, four people had given their hearts to Jesus Christ. What a day!

On Monday, I'm usually exhausted, but I'm feeling energized, perhaps because we had such a wonderful Sunday, and also because I'm taking better care of my body. Yesterday, I ate less than half my meal and last night, I did the same.

As far as dietary changes, the only issue I'm still struggling with is drinking water. I got a thermos out to fill each morning, but I even forget to do that! Suggestions, anyone?

I started the blog in an attempt to help myself and others. I was always such a skinny kid. I never really thought about my weight that much until after my second child. Since then I've gone up and down, up and down, then up and up! At my age, my first concern is that I won't have the energy to minister the way I should. I'm also concerned for my joints and mobility as I age. I have a whole slew of blogs, but none of them are 'personal' type blogs. So it's kinda weird posting this way. I wouldn't do this at all if I didn't know there are a lot of women like me - busy with crazy lives. I'm thinking of having guests post on this blog. I've never done that with any of my others, but this one seems so completely different that I think it would help all of us to chime in with our thoughts now and then.

I'm headed back to the doc this afternoon to find out the results of all the tests I had done last week (on my birthday!). I cut back on the anti-inflammatory medicine and my tummy issues seem to have subsided. It's tough to know what to do.

I look forward to hearing from you!


  1. Praying for you dear girl! Struggling with health issues and changing your dietary habits is HARD! Drinking enough water is hard, too.

    I set small goals in regard to water. I started at 2 cups a day, every day. I drank one in the morning to take thyroid medications and vitamins. I drank 2 more after I finished my morning coffee (2 c at home and a travel mug to work). Then I could have my beloved Diet Dr. Pepper. I confess those were 4 c. more than I'd been drinking. After I got used to that schedule, I added another 2 c. water at work before I could have DDP.

    I started that in December. I'm now up to 8 c. of water a day...and that doesn't count my coffee or my one treat DDP...just water. Sometimes I drink more. I am now, finally, properly hydrated! Yay! But, for me I couldn't drink 8 c. of water/day when I started increasing my water intake. Hang in there!

    Praising with you for our new brothers and sisters!

  2. That makes sense, Carrie, and is in keeping with my 'small steps to big changes' philosophy. I guess I've been thinking I need to drink a gallon or I've failed. lol!

    Isn't Diet Dr. Pepper the best? I love it, too.

    Thanks for the suggestion.


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