Thursday, September 8, 2011

Crunch Time!

Okay, people. It's crunch time. I would like to feel good and enjoy this wonderful time in our lives. Instead, I'm suffering with plantar fascitis. At this point, I have to limp. No cute shoes for me.

Here are the causes of the condition:

•Tighter calf muscles that make it difficult to flex your foot and bring your toes up toward your shin
•Very high arch
•Repetitive impact activity (running/sports)
•New or increased activity

Hmm....well, I'm not running and my arches are fine. Yep, you and I both know what's happening here. So, I look at September almost like a New Year. This extra weight is really hurting and making me sick - in more ways than one.

Today, I will dig out that tape measure. I won't bore you with my starting number, but I will post progress as my waist size goes down. That will be my gauge. Not weight. My waist AND how I feel.

Here we go...again.

Image: kongsky /
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