Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Brain Stimulator and Cancer Killer?

Today Dr. Chauncey Crandall was on the 700 Club touting the spiritual and physical benefits of fasting. Since I'm hypoglycemic, I've never fasted, but the good doctor almost has me convinced that not only would it not harm me, but it would help me tremendously. He mentioned that fasting helps inflammation.

Here's a link to some recipes Dr. Crandall recommends with names like Brain Stimulator, Cancer Killer, and Garlic Breath Delight. lol!

Click HERE.

Have you ever fasted for either spiritual or physical reasons? How did you benefit?


  1. I have fasted for both spiritual and physical reasons and enjoy it every time.

    For me fasting is not an all or nothing event where I (a self-proclaimed spice/seasoning and foodie girl) am deprived of all sustenance of any sort for days at a time.

    Fasting was never designed to be torture!

    When I do a spiritual fast I give up food and stick with consuming Welch's White Grape Peach Juice (or other organic juice blends) when I feel "hungry" and drink water w/ lemon around the clock. By day 3 I'm feeling like I am in a whole new world. My senses are heightened and I feel calmer. My Spiritual fasts usually last a week.

    My physical fasts typically result from my own awareness of my body's metabolism/hormones and personal food chemistry. I do this more frequently than one would realize opting for most days to stick to a Vegan/Vegetarian diet (fasting meat)...or fasting bread...or fasting processed sugars...fasting caffeine, etc.

    I have noticed that since I consistently do this that I do not have food cravings nor do I experience those high/low dips in blood sugar like I used to.

    Is there a connection? Not sure...but I know I FEEL better when I fast for physical AND Spiritual reasons.

  2. Yes, I have fasted and will again. To pray, to snuggle up close and focus on staying snuggled up close. Sometimes I've fasted water only; sometimes liquids...juice, coffee, broth.
    Sometimes for a meal, sometimes for a day, sometimes for several days. Fasting either as He leads; for my benefit in prayer; for the benefit of others in prayer. Not religiously, not rigidly, not on a schedule...just to draw near, seek His face...and stay in His lap!

  3. Wendy, it sounds like even though I have blood sugar issues that I could fast - even if it's a specific fast. I'll pray about it.

    Thanks for the feedback.

  4. Carrie, I love the way you put that - 'snuggle up close.'

    I used to love broth. That's a good idea to keep in mind.

  5. I'm new to spiritual fasting. There is a whole community around the country that participates in regualar fasting for spiritual reasons. You can visit at
    My personal experience is that it has brought me closer to God.


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