Monday, May 4, 2009

What's Your Trigger Clothing?

I've already mentioned my trigger setting - in front of the TV, my trigger food - potato chips (sour cream and onion), and now I want to talk about clothing.
I work out of my home, so I have the option of working in whatever I want. Not good.
My trigger clothing? Stretchy pajamas and/or my fleece robe. I feel so comfy without the limitations of a waistband. What difference will a piece (or bar) of candy make?
Do you have a piece of clothing that, when you put it on, you feel like you can go ahead and eat anything with no ill effects? How many sizes do you have lined up in your closet?


  1. 2 sizes...fits, and too small(in various denominations!).
    I learned changing into housedresses or nightgowns in the evening gave me permission to overindulge in ways my jeans and work clothes do not. I'm making a conscious effort to stay in work clothes until after our evening meal.
    Great topic, Donna!

  2. Only two sizes in your closet? I've lost track. lol! I always want to put pajama pants and t-shirt on the minute I get home, but that habit is definitely not good for the waistline. Good idea to stay dressed at least until after the evening meal.

  3. Read a little closer! 2 sizes fits and too small(IN VARIOUS DENOMINATIONS!) LOL!
    I've substituted washing off my make-up and taking out my contacts for changing into comfy clothes. Doing those 2 things, after taking off my shoes!, help me feel comfy and able to stay dressed until after we eat and kitchen is cleaned up.


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