Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Off the Wagon

I'm not sure what falling off the wagon means, but I'm pretty sure I've fallen. I won't say I can't get up, but I'm tempted. The past two weeks have been stressful and the coming two weeks promise more of the same. That said - I can't seem to get back into my routine of drinking water and cutting portions. It's like the the more stressed I get, the more I want to eat. Could explain my present condition!

So I needed encouragement bigtime. This morning Wendy posted a verse on Facebook coming at just the right time for me.

"When my spirit was overwhelmed within me, then you knew my path" (Psalm 142:3a).
When I read this, I remembered - God knows. He knows me. He knows my struggles. He knows all about this weary body, and will strengthen me as I endeavor to rebuild this 'temple' where the Holy Spirit resides into a vessel that can be better used to glorify Him.
Back up I climb. I'm determined to stay on course.

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