Tuesday, March 17, 2009

What's Your Trigger Food?

In the flurry of new posts, I think this one might have gotten overlooked. What's your trigger food? I found this definition on The Fit Shack:
Trigger foods are any foods that trigger you to overeat and/or binge. They are foods that you just can’t get enough of; one bite is never enough and one helping isn’t enough. Trigger foods can also lead you to overeat on other foods that initially you weren’t even thinking about eating if you feel guilty for eating your trigger foods in the first place!
I've decided mine must be potato chips. My first thought would have been something sweet. After all, I am a chocoholic. But really, it's the crunchy snack foods that get me, because I eat the chips, and then want to follow it up with something sweet - like chocolate.

What's YOUR trigger food? In a later post, we'll tackle ways to combat the urge to eat them and cover other things that trigger us to overeat.


  1. Salty...definitely salty...chips, crackers, popcorn, nuts ... so obviously salty and crunchy!

  2. I'm with you, Carrie. A long time ago, I could have passed a bag of chips with no problem. Not any more.

    I have found that I can substitute the baked chips for fried as long as I get something with flavor - like sour cream & onion or barbecue. Same with pretzels and popcorn. The Smart Pop Minibags from Orville Redenbacher are great.


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