Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Waist and Weigh-in

July 2012: Today is Independence Day and I feel FREE! Free of sugar, a lot of starches, and most of all - wheat.  I have to remind myself now of how I felt before I started this new way of eating.

The other night, we stopped by the DQ and I got one of the new blizzards for chocoholics. I got the a small portion, and even with that limited amount, I tossed and turned until almost 5 A.M. I'm convinced it was the sugar. No more blizzards for me!

In the church where my husband and I pastor, we had two funerals in one week. Because our schedule was thrown into turmoil, I actually ate less that week, and gained weight! I snacked here and there and didn't get to drink as much water. Once I got back to my new 'normal' eating, eating more, eating healthy, and drinking lots of water, I immediately went back to my former weight.

I'm not losing weight fast, but I'm still feeling better and slowly, but surely, losing weight. In the long run, I suppose that's best, although with all the changes I've made, I'm surprised the weight hasn't come off as fast as it did those first couple of weeks. I know I need to incorporate more walking into my schedule, but I've been struggling with plantar fasciitis. Good excuse, huh?

March 2012:  I seem to be stuck in the weight department, but I measured my waist this morning and I'm down another whole inch! I was surprised. My body seems to be redistributing and even getting firmer. Which is weird, right? Not that I'm complaining...  ;D

February 2012: I'm finding that by eliminating wheat, I feel better and better with more energy. I haven't lost any significant amount of weight, but just feeling better has always been my goal - and seeing my waist again, of course! It seems as if my weight is redistributing, and it's nice to see my 'wheat belly' going down. Once thing I've noticed - it was a way of life to be sore and/or achy all the time. Now that I'm getting some relief, I've noticed if I had eaten a food with wheat in it, I really feel it the next day. But in a way, I'm thankful in that it reminds me to get back on track so I'll feel better ALL the time.

January 2012: I made it through the holidays with no setbacks. No baked goods - can you believe it? I did have a couple of pieces of candy - those dark chocolate-covered cherries are hard to pass up. I'm down a few more pounds - five to be exact - and still feeling pretty good. My waistline measurement has not reduced by much, maybe another 1/4 inch, but at least it's not increasing as it has in the past after every holiday.

The biggest change I've made - and I think a habit that sets me up for healthier eating the rest of the day - is to have Greek Yogurt and fruit for breakfast or cottage cheese with fruit and walnuts. I bought Stevia to sprinkle on the unsweetened fruit. In the 'old days' (last October?), I ate some type of so-called 'healthy' bar every morning. And then got ravenous within a couple of hours of eating.

Trying to find wheat-free foods, especially while eating out, is difficult, but not impossible. My birthday is in March, so I'm hoping by then to feel much better. The pervasive soreness I've dealt with for the past few years has abated, and for that, I'm very thankful.

December 2011: Finally! I'm starting to see my waist shrink. Down 2 inches. Whew! And I'm down about 11 pounds, although that's not my focus. My waist measurement means more to me as a gauge of my health. Now if I can make it through the holidays holding steady, I'll be starting the New Year on the right foot!

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