Thursday, June 11, 2009

Relief for Inflammatory Diseases

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  1. Have been taking Cod Liver Oil daily for some months (I don't remember - 3 at least), the kind from northern Europe/Norwegian water. I found take the kind that's least expensive, because according to the folks at the pharmacy, the only thing different among the various brands they carry is the brand name & the price.
    My arthritis pain does not bother me . . . I no longer take several NSAIDs to get me through the day. If I forget to take it one morning, by evening my body is reminding me, and I take it then rather than an NSAID. And then again that next morning. The added vitamin benefit is nice. It does not taste bad (I promise), and the liquid is so much more effective than the capsules. A writer friend told me about the benefits of cod liver oil, I tried it, and it works for me as it did for her. It certainly won't hurt anyone to try it!


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