Saturday, June 20, 2009

I Think It's Time

Oh, I hate it. And I mean, really hate it. But I think it's time to exercise. I'm at a complete standstill in my progress towards a waistline and I just saw a picture of myself someone sent to me by email. You know - one where they're snapping away while I remained unaware? One where I didn't know to suck my gut in and smile. Oh, dear...

I don't look healthy. I look sick and tired. For a long time, I felt that way, but looked healthy. But looks can be deceiving and now my outside is not hiding how I feel on the inside. In order to remedy this, I must be even more proactive. I have a perfectly good treadmill downstairs. I live in a beautiful neighborhood with sidewalks and a big dog who would love it if I'd take her for a walk now and then.

So even though I've avoided the dreaded 'e' word on this blog, I suppose I couldn't avoid it forever.
Now to come up with a plan...

1 comment:

  1. I feel your pain. I reached the same conclusion last week. I walked. I did body work. I walked. I hate excercise. Hate it. I'm choosing to do something for 30 min. each day whether it's walking, riding the stationery bike, working with hand weights while working various muscle groups. I hate it. Do you understand I hate it?
    Seriously. But if I'm to be a fit & flexible older person (I'm already old!), exercise is required. Muscle strength & tone, cardio benefits, etc. will all help me remain independent, God willing. It's my responsibility to DO something ... vigorous housecleaning (speed cleaning), energetic weeding in the garden & yard, going to a sr. facility and walking with some of them . . . anything physically active helps me. I hate it. So I exercise. bleah :P


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