Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Holiday Blues

There is way too much good food around right now to even think about dieting. But no - we don't talk about dieting, do we? We refer to being healthy instead. That has been my goal for a while now. Slowly, but surely, I am seeing my way back to feeling, if not healthy, at least a bit better. I'm drinking more water, less Diet Coke, and more tea. I've started drinking chamomile tea in the evenings which has helped me sleep. I still can't make myself eat beef or pork, but I am eating chicken or turkey at least three times a week and salmon once. I love salmon. Have you been to Lonestar Steakhouse? They have a Sweet Bourbon Salmon that's like eating candy.
My son keeps after me to exercise, so tonight I did. I'm not sure how this will set with my rib condition (costochondritis), but I got on my old Cardio Glide. Remember those? I have one in my basement and went down and glided (why it's called that, I'll never know) for about a half hour. Pray I can still move tomorrow!
I've heard many times that people gain weight during the holidays, but I've always had the exact opposite happen because I'm so busy this time of year, and this year is no different. Perhaps if my gliding works out, I can keep it up and keep the scale going down. I haven't measured my waistline lately. That's really my best gauge.
So, I hope you're making it through the holidays without going crazy with the sweets and goodies that abound this time of year. My mother-in-law made me a fruitcake, and of course, I have to eat it. I wouldn't want to hurt her feelings - and besides - it has fruit in it. I can also find an excuse to eat one more Buckeye - it has peanut butter and peanuts are full of protein. Ha! Now if I could just explain away the butter and milk chocolate. But I don't want to get too carried away with the excuses. Before long, all that sugar really would give me the holiday blues. I've been feeling better, and want to keep on my path to healthy living.
I hope your Christmas and New Year are blessed and full of joy. We'll travel this road to health in spite of all the dinners and parties, won't we? At least, let's try!
(Originally posted 12-09, but not much has changed. :)
Illustration courtesy of Kit Grady, who illustrated my picture book for children, Bradybug.

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