Monday, July 20, 2009

Prayer Request

7-8-09: I will be 'out of the loop' for at least a day or two. I'll be having a couple of tests done where I'll be sedated. The hospital categorizes it as 'surgery.' I'd appreciate your prayers - that I'll be able to tolerate the anesthesia (what I'm dreading the most!), that the tests will go smoothly, and that I'll get a good report. I'll update soon. Thanks, everyone!

UPDATE 7-20-09:

Did y'all pray? I think you did! I only got sick once from the anesthetic and that's a huge improvement over previous experiences, let me tell you.

AND I've quit shaking long enough to tell you the results. The doctor called which scared me. They don't usually call and I have another appointment today, but I've been with this doc for years, so he went ahead and called to tell me the results of my biopsy were NEGATIVE. Whew! And thank God. Those were my first two sentences. lol! My strength is coming back and like I said, I go back for followup. Thanks again for the thoughts and prayers. They were much appreciated!


  1. Great news, Donna! I don't tolerate anesthesia very well, either, so I understand your fear.

    Just so happy you got great news!! Whoo-hoo!!


  2. Thank you so much, Carrie. I saw Fran Drescher on TV the other day. I didn't realize she went through all the same tests I did, ending with a diagnosis of uterine cancer. She's encouraging women to be proactive when it comes to their health - always a good thing. And she's funny, too.


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